Six-Word Memoirs Meetup on OSU Campus—And How to Hold Your Own

Meetups are a fun, interactive way to introduce concepts and connect people within communities. At the end of March, with the help of student organizations The Grove (Ohio State’s creative writing journal), and EUGO (OSU’s English Undergraduate Organization), a group of Buckeyes met on The

Six Words Live in New York: “The Joke Is on Six Words”

Join us for “The Joke Is on Six Words!” On June 16, three comedians—David Crabb, Abbi Crutchfield, and Irene McGee—will each share a Six-Word Joke, and then reveal the backstory in 6-8 minutes. At the show’s end, everyone is invited to

This Week! SMITH Magazine’s Annual Love & Heartbreak Story Show

“Married by Elvis. Divorced by Friday.” “Silently suffered his facial hair experiments.” “Hired me. Fired me. Married me.” “Someone should have objected at my wedding.” “Much married; fourth time is charmed.” On February 14, SMITH Magazine and the teen writing