Memoirist of the Month—March 2015: Susan Breeden

“This site is extremely addictive. I’ll go through periods of posting several memoirs a day, followed by an extended creative drought. Yet, even when I’m not sixing or commenting, I’m never far away.” Name: Susan Breeden Place: Houston, Texas SMITH

Memoirist of the Month—February 2015: Maria Leopoldo

“I started out trying to conquer a writing phobia, and along the way, I’ve had some Sixes with featured backstories or chosen as Memoir of the Day. Now I have notebooks and pens placed strategically everywhere I go, because you

Memoirist of the Month—January 2015: Jonathan Sjørdal

“Six-Word Memoirs is a bit of a writer’s dream. Imagine giving would-be writers the opportunity to get published immediately, several times a day, and then to get feedback and encouragement immediately from several different sources. Add to that recognition in

Memoirist of the Month—December 2014: Sandra Raub

I love wordplay and especially enjoy the give and take of SMITH. I usually visit several times a day via the Six Words app. I read through new postings, comment or tag favorites and I always check on ADHDean’s “Random

Memoirist of the Month—November 2014: Kristopher Mallory

“I view almost every Six-Word Memoir as a potential seed or spore for future writing or discussion. They’re mini-memes, creatively constructed with the same poetic filtration as haikus. I like trying to compress a lot of info into sixes.” Name:

Memoirist of the Month—October 2014: Jayne McKenzie

“Writing well is hard work. The six-word format is such a perfect fit for me because of the brevity. Sure, there have been times when I’ve mulled over a six for a day or two—because there was a word that

Memoirist of the Month: August 2014—Ellis Reyes

“What keeps me here is the pure joy of consuming everyone’s thinking condensed into such delicious morsels. I’m constantly amazed at the degree of wisdom, emotion, humor, love and life that can be communicated in so few words. ” Name: Ellis

Memoirist of the Month: July 2014—Chelsey Drysdale

I often tell friends and family about my Six-Word successes and sometimes I post them on Twitter and Facebook. It was especially exciting to get these messages in my Inbox: “Molly Ringwald has favorited your tweet,” and “Molly Ringwald has retweeted your tweet.” Name: Chelsey

Memoirist of the Month: June 2014—JameyLee Nuss

“I’ve never really had an interest in writing until Six Words. Now you can’t stop me.” Name: JameyLee Nuss Place: San Diego, California SMITH member since: January, 2012 JameyLee Nuss just crossed the 4,000 memoir threshold, a meteoric rate since she only discovered