Memoirist of the Month—March 2017: Talitha Rae Degraff

“I Can’t Keep My Own Secrets immediately caught my attention because I literally struggle to keep my own secrets. I was completely enthralled and read the book from front to back. I found the other Six-Word Memoir books and read them

Memoirist of the Month—February 2017: Josephine Collett

“To know that Larry used one of my sixes, ‘Love conquers death, not the reverse,’ as a table centerpiece at a dinner to support a hospice was just so moving. Writing is not always about publication. Meaningful writing could just

Memoirist of the Month—January 2017: Josie Cannella

“I visit the site when something big happens, when I want to check the pulse and ‘weigh in,’ such as the death of Harper Lee or the fourth anniversary of the Sandy Hook mass killings.” Name: Josephine “Josie” Cannella Place: Avon, Connecticut

Memoirist of the Month—December 2016: Susan G. Uran Evind

“In the last two years I’ve checked the site every day, if just to read what folks post and am always touched, humbled and entertained by what I see. There is so much give and take on this site. The contests

Memoirist of the Month—November 2016: Michelle Wolff

“I check in with Six-Word Memoirs in the morning before class begins. It’s a fun way for me to wake my brain up before the kids show up so I can get the creative juices flowing…” Name: Michelle Wolff Place: Greater Detroit,

Memoirist of the Month—October 2016: Andrew H.

“I was immediately struck by the incredible balance between simplicity and depth of expression that can be achieved by story telling using only six words. It offered me a way to begin developing and sharing my own stories. Six-Word Memoirs

Memoirist of the Month—September 2016: Cara Jean Spittle Long

“Six Words gives me the opportunity to write every day, without excuse. The writing from the other Sixer’s inspires me to write, live life, to dream, and to find laughter. Six-Word Memoirs read like poetry to me, with so many layers

Memoirist of the Month—August 2016: Sophie Ezzell

“My favorite Six-Word Memoir is also my first Memoir of the Day. I remember sneaking my phone out of my backpack during class so I could write a Six, and shortly thereafter, seeing my words in ‘The Daily Six’ box

Memoirist of the Month—July 2016: Krystyna Fedosejevs

“I quickly became addicted to Six-Word Memoirs. Well-written, touching backstories and priceless photos of many talented writers inspired me to join in May 2014 and hang on for the ride. It truly is the ride of a lifetime; I haven’t

Memoirist of the Month—June 2016: Christine Macdonald

“I pop onto Six-Word Memoirs every day or so for inspiration, to catch up on heartwarming stories of truth, current events and contests. I adore the connectivity the site provides. I am constantly amazed how one six-word sentence can spark