Six Words + Lovabull = The #LovabullinSix Campaign

It takes just Six Words to make someone think differently. That’s why Six-Word Memoirs collaborated with @pitbullinstagram—featuring an assist from The Huffington Post’s RuffPost—on the #LovabullinSix campaign, bringing awareness about rescue dogs across the globe. Lovabull is a Columbus-based organization that unites pit

RIP Prince: We Put The Right Letters Together

One of the many surprises the Six-Word Memoir community has brought to me, each other and those outside the virtual walls of this space is how it responds to death, whether it’s a death directly effecting one of our own in the community

Site Maintenance & New, improved Teens site

In 2013, we introduced our newly designed Six-Word Memoir “parent” site,, with a fresh look and new features. Now, we’re ready to share those exciting enhancements with the SMITHTeens community—more then 400,000 Sixes and counting—which we’re renaming (drumroll!)…Six Teens. Coming

Six-Word Tributes About Robin Williams

  There is no finer way to connect than through laughter and Robin Williams was a master at indulging this human delight. As people immediately reeled from the shock of his untimely death at age 63, reportedly a suicide, our