Best of the Fest: “We keep our marriage alive by…”#keepmarriagealive

On Day Three of the Six-Word Festival on Twitter, Jason Biggs and Jenny Mollen told us in many ways what it takes to #keepmarriagealive. Biggs suggested “Weekly date nights. Must leave house.” while Mollen urged us to “Always tell him he looks skinny.” Simon Doonan also shared his marital insights

Best of the Fest: “Knew I was a mom when…” #KnewIWasAMom

We closed out Day Two of the Six-Word Festival on Twitter with BabyCenter, the go-to source for parents, who invited mothers to define that pinnacle moment in just Six Words. They kicked things off with “Started carrying wipes in my purse.” and the tales got messier from there.

Best of the Fest: “Glad I didn’t get caught when….” #NotSoSecretSix

On Day Two of the Six-Word Festival on Twitter, Rob Delaney revealed his ever-devious side with his #notsosecretsix, “I caressed your father’s meat loaf.” Judge Alex Ferrer also ruled over the prompt with a hilarious fervor, weighing in with “I wore nothing underneath my robe.“ “Glad I

Best of the Fest: “Write a #SciFi Story in #SixWords.” #SixWordSciFi

Our second challenge of the Six-Word Festival on Twitter, “Write a #SciFi Story in #SixWords” transported us to many different dimensions, including a very special place in the Twitterverse…Trending! George Takei led the way with, “Scifi’s greatest enemy: Twilight’s sparkly vampires.”

Best of the Fest: “The Best Advice in Six Words” #SixWordAdvice

In the second Six-Word Festival on Twitter, our first challenge asked you to share “The Best Advice in Six Words” and your recommendations came flooding in! #SixWordsAdvice even trended on Twitter! Some advisors were so anxious to share their Six Words

The 2nd Six-Word Festival Full Schedule

DAY 1, JUNE 4 1:00pm EDT Prompt: “The Best Advice in Six Words” Tweet: The Best Advice in Six Words? Tweet @sixwords using #sixwordadvice #sixwords Participants: Molly Ringwald (shown), WNYC,  Maria Shriver, Katherine Schwarzenegger   3:30pm EDT Prompt: “Write a #SciFi Story in #SixWords”  Tweet: Write a #SciFi Story

Maria Shriver, Molly Ringwald And Others Have Some Great Advice!

Our second Six-Word Festival on Twitter starts off ​to an inspired start with a word (six of them, to be exact) to the wise. This is your chance to offer guidance with brevity, show you’re in-the-know, and share your wisdom with the masses.