Six Words + Lovabull = The #LovabullinSix Campaign

It takes just Six Words to make someone think differently. That’s why Six-Word Memoirs collaborated with @pitbullinstagram—featuring an assist from The Huffington Post’s RuffPost—on the #LovabullinSix campaign, bringing awareness about rescue dogs across the globe. Lovabull is a Columbus-based organization that unites pit

Ms. Ahmed’s Second Grade Art Class at Classical Charter Schools in Bronx, New York

Students in Zafirah Ahmed’s second grade art class have the freedom to allow their creativity and imagination to blossom at Classical Charter Schools in the South Bronx, New York. When Ahmed discovered Six-Word Memoirs recently (thanks to me, her sister and Six Words

Six Words & Harmony Project’s Inside/Out: Breaking Down Barriers

One of the most meaningful collaborations in our Six in the City: Columbus initiative has been with David Brown’s Harmony Project, a community choir based in Columbus, Ohio, comprised of different races, ages, cultures, orientations and affiliations. This past winter, Harmony’s student choir shared their

RIP Prince: We Put The Right Letters Together

One of the many surprises the Six-Word Memoir community has brought to me, each other and those outside the virtual walls of this space is how it responds to death, whether it’s a death directly effecting one of our own in the community

Memoirist of the Month—February 2015: Maria Leopoldo

“I started out trying to conquer a writing phobia, and along the way, I’ve had some Sixes with featured backstories or chosen as Memoir of the Day. Now I have notebooks and pens placed strategically everywhere I go, because you

Top Six Inspirations for your Resolutions

2015 is here and with it comes the opportunity to set new goals for the year! In SixContest #43, we asked the Six Words community to tell us what inspires your resolutions. Your motivations were heartfelt and often humorous—we loved them

Top Six-Word “Sum Up Yourself” Memoirs

For SixContest #39, we challenged you to “Sum Up Yourself in Six Words.” Whether promoting themselves regarding employment or starting a relationship, or simply creating a personalized tagline, our Sixers proved they’re highly qualified to tackle any and all endeavors. After