And The Commandments Came Pouring In…#NewCommandment

We had a wonderfully frenzied opening to our inaugural Six-Word Festival on Twitter (“NeverAgain” from pro Jason Biggs and cast members of OITNB), but that didn’t slow you down when honorable judges AJ Jacobs and David Plotz issued the day’s second challenge: “Thou Shalt Tweet A New Commandment” (in #sixwords #newcommandment). Our favorites—a Top Six list, of course:

Today’s second Six-Word challenge, “Thou Shalt Tweet a New Commandment,” was issued by A.J. JacobsEsquire Magazine, David PlotzSlate Magazine, and Unscrolled, all experts of biblical proportions.

Slate editor David Plotz selected these three winners:

• For best use of actual commandment: “Honor Thy Mother and Her Boyfriend.” @gregwind
• Best actual advice: “Apologize quickly, and forgive even faster.” @GaryDrossel
• Best commandment approximating judge’s life: “Take a Shower, You’ll Feel Better,” @MsWr1te

Esquire’s edit0r-at-large, A.J. Jacobs chose these #sixwords to live by: “Thou shalt not be a meanie.” ‪@Esunshineg

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Next up: 3:30pm EST–“The Secret Ingredients to Happiness Are… with Todd English and Tim Ferriss #HappySix

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