Eight Chosen Heebish Six-Word Memoirs

HEEB Magazine

HEEB Magazine

This Hanukkah, SMITH teamed-up with Heeb Magazine, to choose a different Six-Word Memoir on The Jewish Life winner each night, a contest. Each of the eight winning scribes will get a free copy of our upcoming book, Oy! Only Six? Why Not More? Six Words on the Jewish Life, which will be available this March.

Here are the eight winners, as chosen each crazy night by Heeb editors, in chronological order:

“We bonded over our deviated septums.” – Alessandra Rizzotti
“I’ve got more complaints than Portnoy.” – David Wolkin
“I have a fetish for altakockers.” – AmySohn
“Bar mitzvah video used for blackmail.” – Jon Papernick
“Shortened my name and my nose.” – George Kaplan
“Smash the idols, mend the world.” – j2232554
“Latkethon at my mother’s gynecologist’s home.” – PaleOfSettlement
“A pronounced weakness for smoked fish.” – StringJuggler

We put the names of each winner into a shtreimel and randomly pulled one out to receive a bonus, the Six-Word Memoir Game. And the game recipient is David Wolkin. In addition to being a brilliant short-form writer, we’ve learned that Wolkin is executive director of Limmud NY, a multi-day conference-meets-festival celebrating Jewish life.

Heeb and SMITH are mishpucha by way of our comics-editor-in-common, Jeff Newelt, aka JahFurry. His six words on the Jewish life, of course, “Hid comics inside Hebrew School textbooks.” In addition to editing, Jeff appeared as a character in two of our acclaimed webcomics projects, Shooting War and The Pekar Project. In his alter ego of JahFurry he does a mean reggae verison of “Tradition” from Fiddler On The Roof, at events like Heebonism this past Christmas Eve. Give it a spin for a very special Jewish experience.

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