Festival Senior Superlatives, Six-Word Style

Last week was our first ever Six-Word Festival On Twitter, three days of #SixWords prompts and amazing responses from Six-ers like you, celebrity judges and some noteworthy drop-in’s.  You kept us busy: we had trending tags on Twitter for three days straight. The Festival showcased the versatility of the Six-Word story form, from funny to heartbreaking and everything in between.

Here are a few highlights, too good not to share:

Best Surprise Celebrity Appearance:

Best Daily Affirmation:

Most Thought-Provoking:

Best 80’s Throwback:

Laugh Out Loud Worthy:

Best (and Worst) Legal Defense:

Best Dating Advice:

Most Likely To Be A Kanye West Lyric:

Best Of The Many Miley Cyrus Mentions:

Breaking Newsworthy:

Best Closer:

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