“Heart has a home, body doesn’t.” The Best Six-Word Memoirs Of The Week

Best Six-01-01 (May 10-May16) YOUR

It is bone and flesh and organs; it is a temple, a shelter, and a display. It is the all-encompassing Body that keeps us whole. This week’s best memoirs used the Body to make sense of the inner and outer world. Some were physical (“Be comfortable in your own skin.”), and others sentimental (“Hand in hand with inner child.”). The Body helps everyone connect with the world and interpret our surroundings, as these Sixers captured beautifully. -Gilmarie Brioso

Best Imagery: “Talked with mouth-full, spilled the beans.” –RaisedByWolves

Most True: “Be comfortable in your own skin.” –kina

Best Interior Look: “Hand in hand with inner child.” –Amapola

Most World-Weary: “Heart has a home, body doesn’t.” –unknown116

Most Honest: “Imperfect brain leads to much pain.” –Collumist

Toughest Narrative Arc: “Hell stomped on my toes again.” –lulu42

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