Memoirist of the Month: June 2014—JameyLee Nuss

“I’ve never really had an interest in writing
until Six Words. Now you can’t stop me.”

MOTM June 2014 JameyLee 1

“My life is full of adventure.”

Name: JameyLee Nuss
Place: San Diego, California
SMITH member since: January, 2012

JameyLee Nuss just crossed the 4,000 memoir threshold, a meteoric rate since she only discovered Six-Word Memoirs in 2012. Her memoirs are a tapestry of life itself, from her penchant for feats (“Only 7,500 feet…I’ll climb that!“) and love of recreation (“Today’s menu…sun, sand, and surf“), to her emerging assurance (“Before, low self-esteem. Now, feeling confident“) and gumption (Told not to. Did it anyway.“). Indeed, jl333 has discovered what is at the essence of Six Words for so many people “Finally a way to express myself.” Early in 2012, she predicted “Eventually, I’ll run out of memoirs.” We don’t believe you, JameyLee, and we certainly hope you don’t!

Our congratulations to JameyLee as June’s Memoirist of the Month. Thanks to Spreadshirt, she can mark the occasion with one of their exceptional T-shirts bearing the Six-Word Memoir of her choice. Learn more about JameyLee as she answers our six questions.

How did you first hear about Six-Word Memoirs, and is there someone’s writing on SMITH that has especially moved you?
I first heard of Six-Word Memoirs in O, The Oprah magazine. The magazine gave examples and I was immediately hooked. I can count on my fingers and toes the number of days I didn’t log on in the past two years. Okay, so maybe I’m a six-word junkie. I’ve made quite a few friends through Six-Word Memoirs and talk with many outside of the site via email.

My long list of those who inspire me on SMITH would be—I was told to keep it short, this is as short as it gets—DynamicDbytheC, catsmeow, ShellDeFelice, canadafreeze, Solstice22, Believe, maryjane31, lillybrook, NumbrOneAunt, and _Miracle. And many, many more [Ed. Note: JameyLee started out with three dozen names].

When did you start writing, and what have been turning points in your creative life?
I’ve never really had an interest in writing until Six Words. Now you can’t stop me. I even have some of my bosses hooked, although they aren’t signed up on the site yet [Ed. Note: Signing up is super easy at]. But they do speak in Six Words for my entertainment…and theirs, too.

Can you share a favorite Six-Word Memoir, Moment or other backstory of yours on SMITH; tell us why it’s meaningful to you?
Picking a favorite memoir would be any memoir written about my Mom. And we all know that I write a lot about my Mom! There are two I cherish most. “Dear Mom, look at me now!” is significant because I’ve really ventured outside my comfort zone in this past year, and have been doing things I never thought I’d ever do! “Childless By Choice, Motherless by Cancer.” is meaningful because I had a choice in not having children, but I had absolutely no control over when cancer took my Mom away. If I had a choice, obviously my Mom would still be here with me today. I recently had both of those Six Words put onto a T-shirt, and I’ve gotten a lot of reaction because it’s a pretty powerful statement.

What authors inspire you or do you admire?
I don’t have a particular favorite author, but I do enjoy reading short anecdotes and any book from the Chicken Soup For The Soul series by Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen. In addition, there is one book that I’ve read countless times called Dream Rider by Larry Harcum. It’s about a guy who rode 5,805 miles on a Jet Ski. That’s on my bucket list—to do the same thing!

When you’re not writing, what do you enjoy doing?
For work, I do a little bit of everything. I was a full time nanny for 23 years, and then about a year ago, I switched gears—now I’m a personal assistant to seven families. I do anything from run errands, grocery shop, wash, chop, and package veggies, get cars serviced (because seriously, who has the time to sit and wait while cars are serviced?), and pay bills to general day to day stuff that people just don’t have time to do. Additionally, I have a fraternal twin brother (“Brother and I always in sync“) and I also work with my friend Jeremy, who is severely autistic. “I have autism, and a paintbrush.” My work is fulfilling and each job is something different!

MOTM June 2014 JameyLee 2

“Why don’t they make pink motorcycles?? “

When I’m not Sixing, my interests include jet-skiing, motorcycling, kayaking, hiking, rock art, off-roading, snorkeling, volunteering, and pretty much anything having to do with the outdoors.

Finally, what are your Six Words for today?
Now go forth and spread love.

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  1. Oh_Skinny says:

    I’m not sure where I was when this was posted. Better late, though. Peace to you, JL, and thank you for adding goodness, adventure, and positivity to my days. My love, Skinny

  2. Josie Cannella says:

    Hi JL! I just spotted your MOTM Medallion (So Cool!), and read your story. Amazing! I’m glad they added those medallions, because I can more easily track down the MOTM pages for people like you, whom I admire from the other coast. Your story is great, and full of the warmth, energy, and charm you always exude in your sixes and comments. Congrats on winning this distinction back in 2014, before I had ever heard of this site!
    All the Best to You,
    Josie (JoC)

  3. David says:

    wow! You’re still very active!!!

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