The 16 Strangest Tweets of the Six-Word Festival

The Six-Word tweets that we’ve received throughout the festival have been incredibly diverse; they’ve made us laugh, they’ve made us cry, they’ve made us stop and think. But anyone who’s spent more than a few minutes on the internet knows that there are some real weirdos out there, and some of the Sixes that we remember the most are the ones that made us squint, tilt our heads slightly to the left, and go, “huh?”

Here are some of the most bizarre and least explicable submissions we received, sorted by prompt (not that the prompt really matters for these):

“I will never do that again”

The very existence of Iron Sheik is itself pretty confusing. And frankly, once we saw how actively pumped he was about the Six-Word fest, we weren’t really sure how we should deal with him.

In any case, I think the camel tweet is pretty much self-explanatory.  


Thanks Jason Biggs, we’ll be pondering this one for months.


Due respect, not sure what you expected the first time.  


Here are some possible theories:

1)   He tried to eat chicken with a banana already in his mouth, which was hard and tasted weird

2)    He tried to play chicken (link) with a banana in his mouth, which got messy

3)    He interacted with an actual chicken with a banana in his mouth, which led to some pecking/scratching

4)    He’s insane    


I have a strong feeling that this is clever.


“The secret ingredients to happiness are…”  


Hey man, whatever makes you happy


No comment.    


“I only turn off my phone when”  


Certainly the most interesting use of the exclamation point. This one got a lot of nervous retweets. To add to the creep-factor, this is the first thing she’s tweeted in 4 months.  


“Six words that mean you’re lying”



Well, yes.  


“Secret of life: __ __ __  


Your guess is as good as mine.  


 If taken metaphorically, this is kind of sweet. If taken literally, this is completely nuts. You decide.


  “Where does all the time go?”



Ah yes, how time does fly… wait, what?

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