Top Memoirs about the Full Moon

shutterstock_104092787The supermoon inspired many of you these past two weeks. In SixContest #33, we saw the wicked, the scary, the unusual, and the magical. All shared a fantastical essence, but only six can shine under the moonlight. Here are our favorites:

6. “…his dark side is looking good.” -TeaTopper

5. “Cows are jumping; silverware is running.” -Bevvie

4. “My emotions surfaced; this stone cried.” -Jo1454

3. “The stars are wearing their tiaras.” -Solstice22

2. “My boss actually said, ‘Thank You.’” -cuzinvin

And our top moonstruck memoir is…

1. “Everyone is tiptoeing around the asylum.” -catsmeow

Congrats to catsmeow and thanks to everyone who joined in the fun! Whether in our Caption Contests, on FacebookTwitterTumblr or at—keep on Sixing!

2 Comments » for Top Memoirs about the Full Moon
  1. Solstice22 says:

    This was a favorite contest and so much fun, with really great entries! I’m honored to have been chosen among them for a place in the top six! Thank you!

  2. G_Austin says:

    Some of my Favorite Sixers here! Solstice, Bevvie, TT, Cats. Well done all six!

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