Top Six Words for Your Mate

5.Date Your Mate

This week’s SixContest celebrated “Date Your Mate Month.” Couples used the Six-Word form to describe their perfect date, while all the single ladies—and men—shared memoirs about their ideal mate. There were lots of laughs, lots of love, and even a few zingers, but only six memoirs came out on top. Here are our favorites:

6. “Take me to the stars, baby!” -Samantha Colucci (via Facebook)

5. “I’ll peel. You chop. Let’s cook.” -CatherineL

4. “One without bells, but must whistle.” -Solstice22

3. “Chess in bathtub. Kids at grandma’s.” -moabchick

2. “Perfection doesn’t exist. He’d understand that.” -bohemdeb

And our top-rated Six-Word Memoir is…

1. ”Seeking loyalty inside a whiskey drinker.” -@allysonm (via Twitter)

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Congrats to @allysonm, who can put this winning Six-Word Memoir (or any six words of her choice) on a fabulous key tag thanks to our friends at Various Projects!

Thanks to everyone who joined in the fun! Whether in our Caption Contests, on FacebookTwitterTumblr or at—keep on Sixing!

1 Comment » for Top Six Words for Your Mate
  1. Sami Swan Thompson says:

    These are all terrific!
    Mine can’t compete, but it’s true for me:
    “Hubby will always be my hero.”
    After 35 years of marriage, it’s still working.

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