“Why can’t I be Benjamin Button?” The Best Six-Word Memoirs Of The Week

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In this day and age, pop culture finds its way into everyday life. This week’s memoirs covered everything from current hit songs (“Drunk in love. Sober by noon.”) and rising starlets (“Lupita Nyong’o is my girl crush!”) to enduring icons (“Barbie was never perfect. False interpretation.”). Whether amusing or thought-provoking, popular culture gives us the chance to question, examine and discuss. Lots of food for thought here! –Gilmarie Brioso

Most Disappointed:My Netflix is stuck in 1989.” -wonderactivist

Toughest Narrative Arc:Drunk in love. Sober by noon.” -TamekaMullins

Most Frustrated: “’You Starks are hard to kill.’” -WrathofHeart

Most True:Barbie was never perfect. False interpretation.” -tayport15

Best Humor:Why can’t I be Benjamin Button?” -Hobotrekker

Most Star Struck:Lupita Nyong’o is my girl crush!” -Bevvie

Plus! Can you spit a rhyme in six words? Don’t miss Six-Word Caption Contest #19—ends 4/4 at 3pm ET! In honor of Maya Angelou’s birthday on and April’s National Poetry Month, we challenge you to write a poem in just Six Words!

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