Six Words on our advertising philosophy:
Engaged. Creative. Active. Community. Responsive. Believe.

Just imagine an advertising and marketing environment where our audience truly engages with your message and your brand. Six Words™ is a vibrant social community comprised of highly creative thought leaders who “Say it in Six.” This new unique communication format is available to you. We can create a multitude of run-of site advertising programs. Or we can help you develop an exciting and effective Six-Word contest. And we can work with you to develop a highly customizable broad reaching marketing program using the power of Six Words , including Six-Word Reviews™. (Just ask us to share what we created for MINI Cooper and Mercer Consulting to name a few)

If you’re looking for a rate sheet you won’t find one—each program is different, catered to your needs and a budget that works for all involved. We would love to hear from you about how we can help you use Six Words.

For more information please contact

Thanks and looking forward to speaking. (That’s Six Words—it’s easy, right?)