Classroom of the Month: Adriana Hernandez’ 7th Grade Language Arts Class at Albright Middle School in Houston

Houston, Texas-based teacher Adriana Hernandez first heard about Six-Word Memoirs through a coworker at Albright Middle School who had bought a Six-Word Memoirs book after hearing an interview on NPR. Miss Hernandez found the book extremely interesting: “It stuck in my mind over

Classroom of the Month: Erin Centa’s 12th Grade English Class at Olentangy High School

Looking for a way to engage her senior high school students and help them write personal narratives, Olentangy High School English teacher Erin Centa stumbled upon Six-Word Memoirs six years ago: “I searched for interesting ways to introduce storytelling and your magazine popped up. I loved

Classroom of the Month: Reilley Thayer’s Creative Writing Class At Hargrave Military Academy

Browsing potential new lesson ideas online, Reilley Thayer discovered Six­-Word Memoirs and introduced the concept to her Creative Writing Class at Hargrave Military Academy, a private military boarding school in Chatham, Virginia. Thayer’s students, who ranged from seventh to tenth grade,

Classroom of the Month: Amy O’Meara’s 4th Grade Writing Class at Temple Terrace Elementary

Amy O’Meara brought Six-Word Memoirs to her classes at Temple Terrace Elementary in Florida after being introduced to the concept by Cathy Dyer, a nearby teacher whose high school students were a recently featured Classroom of the Month. As a

Classroom of the Month: Debra Freedman’s Creative Writing Class at Burlington Township High School

After eyeing the book Not Quite I Was Planning at a bookstore and giving it a browse, Debra Freedman decided to start using Six-Word Memoirs in her classes at Burlington Township High School in Burlington, New Jersey. On the first day

Classroom of the Month: Cathy Dyer’s 10th Grade English Classes at McKeel Academy of Technology

“I’ve gotten some of the most profound Six-Word Memoirs from the most struggling students.” Cathy Dyer has used Six-Word Memoirs in her classroom every year since 2009: “This is the only ice breaker activity that I’ve stuck with,” she explains. As a tenth grade

Six-Word Memoirs Meetup on OSU Campus—And How to Hold Your Own

Meetups are a fun, interactive way to introduce concepts and connect people within communities. At the end of March, with the help of student organizations The Grove (Ohio State’s creative writing journal), and EUGO (OSU’s English Undergraduate Organization), a group of Buckeyes met on The

Classroom of the Month: Amber Lewis-Francis’ 5th Grade Class at Clarendon Elementary School

We can learn a great deal by examining ourselves and others, particularly when we ponder our words. Fifth grade teacher Amber Lewis-Francis first heard about Six-Word Memoirs on NPR. Always encouraging her students to write about themselves, Lewis-Francis thought it would be

Classroom of the Month: Lori Beck’s Art Class at Kelly Middle School

Lori Beck noticed that students in her advanced art class had some free time, so she introduced Six-Word Memoirs to her students as a filler project, made up of multiple small assignments. An art specialist at Kelly Mill Middle School in Blythewood,