Classroom of the Month: Mrs. Criswell’s Honors English Classes at Ozark High School in Ozark, Missouri

“Student dedicated every day, student driven in every way.” The teachers at Ozark High School in Ozark, Missouri, work hard to fulfill their school’s motto. One such educator, Sandi Criswell, was quick to adopt the six-word form as a tool to drive home the

Classroom of the Month: 6th Grade ELA classes at Blackstone Valley Prep Mayoral Academy in Central Falls, Rhode Island

What’s at the heart of Blackstone Valley Prep (BVP) Mayoral Academy charter schools in Central Falls, Rhode Island? PRIDE. “Perseverance, Respect, Integrity, Discipline, and Enthusiasm” are the core values that guide their students who are proudly referred to as scholars.

Six Words at Arts and College Preparatory Academy in Columbus, Ohio

Creative expression is a staple in building an innovative educational environment. Arts and College Preparatory Academy (ACPA) in Columbus, Ohio, provides progressive, rigorous academic instruction where students are motivated to learn and prepare for college. A hallmark of the ACPA community is allowing students the freedom of

Classroom of the Month: Ms. Mary Dovey’s 7th and 8th Grade Classes at Egg Harbor City Community Schools in New Jersey

Engaging middle schoolers can be one of the toughest assignments in education, so Mary Dovey — who teaches seventh and eighth grade classes at Egg Harbor City Community School in New Jersey — was quick to embrace Six-Word Memoirs and add it to

Classroom Of The Month: Mr. Hollman’s 5th Grade Special Education Class at the Helen Keller School in Bronx, New York

Finding Six-Word Memoirs was a happy accident for Lee Hollman, a fifth-grade special education teacher at The Helen Keller School in Bronx, New York. Hollman, who has been teaching for 13 years, was searching for a writing project that would be succinct, yet

Classroom of the Month: Mrs. Carpenter’s 10th Grade American Literature Class at Montgomery Area High School

Three years ago, Mrs. Carpenter, a teacher at Montgomery Area High School in Montgomery, Pennsylvania, stumbled upon a teaching tool: the Six-Word Memoir. Intrigued, she resolved to incorporate Six Words into the class plan for her 10th grade American Literature students. Their unit

Classroom of the Month: Adriana Hernandez’ 7th Grade Language Arts Class at Albright Middle School in Houston

Houston, Texas-based teacher Adriana Hernandez first heard about Six-Word Memoirs through a coworker at Albright Middle School who had bought a Six-Word Memoirs book after hearing an interview on NPR. Miss Hernandez found the book extremely interesting: “It stuck in my mind over

Classroom of the Month: Erin Centa’s 12th Grade English Class at Olentangy High School

Looking for a way to engage her senior high school students and help them write personal narratives, Olentangy High School English teacher Erin Centa stumbled upon Six-Word Memoirs six years ago: “I searched for interesting ways to introduce storytelling and your magazine popped up. I loved

Classroom of the Month: Reilley Thayer’s Creative Writing Class At Hargrave Military Academy

Browsing potential new lesson ideas online, Reilley Thayer discovered Six­-Word Memoirs and introduced the concept to her Creative Writing Class at Hargrave Military Academy, a private military boarding school in Chatham, Virginia. Thayer’s students, who ranged from seventh to tenth grade,