Classroom of the Month: Lori Beck’s Art Class at Kelly Middle School

Lori Beck noticed that students in her advanced art class had some free time, so she introduced Six-Word Memoirs to her students as a filler project, made up of multiple small assignments. An art specialist at Kelly Mill Middle School in Blythewood,

Classroom of the Month: Krista Cox’s Creative Writing class at Alma Public School

As a fan of wordplay, teacher Krista Cox had already completed the Six-Word Memoir project with her creative writing students at Alma Public Schools in Alma, NE, but she wanted to inspire them to take the concept further. Cox also loves public

Classroom Of The Month: Professor Hinkle’s “Estates & Trusts” Rutgers School of Law–Camden

Much to our delight, we’ve seen the Six-Word Memoir format used often in schools as a tool to help students reflect creatively—and succinctly—on their lives. We think this is awesome. But we were thrilled to discover that Six Words has

Classroom of the Month: The Pearl of the Concho Writing Project

Writing doesn’t always flow easily, especially for children who associate writing with assignments and grades. That’s why the Pearl of the Concho Writing Project in Texas is extremely important. Their ten-day Youth Writers’ Camp inspires creativity, free of academic pressure, and allows these

Classroom of the Month: Coleridge Taylor Montessori Elementary School

We think of schooling in sequential categories—moving from first grade to second, looking forward, never back. It makes sense; preschool is vastly different from middle school. PTA members Bridget Kolb and Amy Miller of Coleridge Taylor Montessori Elementary School in Louisville, Kentucky,