Classroom of the Month: Mrs. Hiestand’s 6th grade ELA at Westchester Intermediate School in Chesterton, Indiana

At Westchester Intermediate School in Chesterton, Indiana, teachers seek innovative ways to create enthusiasm for learning in the classroom. So it’s no surprise that 6th grade ELA teacher Martha Hiestand was drawn to Six-Word Memoirs when she stumbled upon the concept

Ms. Hansen’s Seventh Grade Students at John F. Kennedy Middle School in Waltham, Massachusetts

At John F. Kennedy Middle School in Waltham, Massachusetts, they recognize that “students undergo an amazing transformation, cognitively, physically and emotionally” during the pivotal middle school years. Cue Kennedy Middle School teacher Katherine Hansen, who was immediately intrigued by Six-Word

Mrs. Kochheiser’s Sixth Grade Students at Waverly East Intermediate School in Lansing, Michigan

Waverly East Intermediate School in Lansing, Michigan is a one-to-one school, with an emphasis on the ways that technology can enhance learning and self-expression. Sixth grade Language Arts and Social Studies teacher Kristin Kochheiser explores this intersection with passion, recently introducing

Ms. Ahmed’s Second Grade Art Class at Classical Charter Schools in Bronx, New York

Students in Zafirah Ahmed’s second grade art class have the freedom to allow their creativity and imagination to blossom at Classical Charter Schools in the South Bronx, New York. When Ahmed discovered Six-Word Memoirs recently (thanks to me, her sister and Six Words

Ms. DeBlois’ ELA Students at Auburn Middle School in Auburn, Maine

Students at Auburn Middle School in Auburn, Maine are greeted by this six-word slogan: “AMS is rooted in Core Values.” These tenants are also captured in six words: “Honesty, compassion, responsibility, respect, fairness, courage.” So it makes perfect sense that Six

Mr. Ferry’s Illustration Class at Kansas City Art Institute in Kansas City, Missouri

The Kansas City Art Institute in Kansas City, Missouri, sets out to prepare its students to “transform the world creatively.” It is no wonder, then, that Six-Word Memoirs has found a place at this prestigious arts school.

Classroom of the Month: Mrs. Criswell’s Honors English Classes at Ozark High School in Ozark, Missouri

“Student dedicated every day, student driven in every way.” The teachers at Ozark High School in Ozark, Missouri, work hard to fulfill their school’s motto. One such educator, Sandi Criswell, was quick to adopt the six-word form as a tool to drive home the

Classroom of the Month: 6th Grade ELA classes at Blackstone Valley Prep Mayoral Academy in Central Falls, Rhode Island

What’s at the heart of Blackstone Valley Prep (BVP) Mayoral Academy charter schools in Central Falls, Rhode Island? PRIDE. “Perseverance, Respect, Integrity, Discipline, and Enthusiasm” are the core values that guide their students who are proudly referred to as scholars.

Six Words at Arts and College Preparatory Academy in Columbus, Ohio

Creative expression is a staple in building an innovative educational environment. Arts and College Preparatory Academy (ACPA) in Columbus, Ohio, provides progressive, rigorous academic instruction where students are motivated to learn and prepare for college. A hallmark of the ACPA community is allowing students the freedom of

Classroom of the Month: Ms. Mary Dovey’s 7th and 8th Grade Classes at Egg Harbor City Community Schools in New Jersey

Engaging middle schoolers can be one of the toughest assignments in education, so Mary Dovey — who teaches seventh and eighth grade classes at Egg Harbor City Community School in New Jersey — was quick to embrace Six-Word Memoirs and add it to