Current Events Caption Contest Week 1: Typhoon Haiyan

Six Words is proud to present our new, weekly Current Events Caption Contest!

Each week we will have a new topic ranging from the latest political debate to the newest celebrity trend. Whatever it is, we want YOU to tell us what you think with your best sixes.

This week our focus will shift around the globe to the Philippines.


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Typhoon Haiyan ravaged the Philippines last week leaving thousands dead and even more homeless.  Our hearts go out to all the affected families. Despite the disaster, people all over the world are coming together to help provide relief. In this time of hardship, it is incredible to see all of the helping hands.

Now it’s your turn. Write a caption for this photo— share your thoughts, feelings, and ideas about Typhoon Haiyan— in just Six Words.

Leave your best Sixes, we can’t wait to read them!

83 Comments » for Current Events Caption Contest Week 1: Typhoon Haiyan
  1. Geli says:

    No storm can break us down

  2. Geli says:

    One home stands while others rebuild

  3. Geli says:

    Strength holds strong while nature destroys

  4. Andrew Lyons says:

    Typhoone Haiyan global warming gone wild

  5. Andrew Lyons says:

    Tyohoon Haiyan glabal warming gone wild

  6. Trix95 says:

    A beacon of home and hope.

  7. Deb Alberto says:

    Some things just can’t be understood.

  8. Geli says:

    Devastation ruined all, except the strong.

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