Hey, What’s New With Six Words?

Hey, what’s going on around here?

Regulars of Six-Word Memoirs® from SMITH Magazine may have noticed that we’ve made some big changes here in the world of Six. I want to tell you a little bit about our new features in what’s one of the most major redesigns we’ve had since we first created Six-Word Memoirs.

What started as a simple prompt—in collaboration with a then tiny outfit called Twitter—has become more  an international phenomenon, and indeed a new way of expressing ourselves. We’ve seen that Six Words is the way to get to the essence of not only our own life but of anything. And in the past six years you’ve shared more than 700,000 Six-Worders on Six-Word Memoirs and SMITHTeens.

Now we’re expanding the Six Word footprint. With our relaunched Six Words, we’ve introduced a new topic area called Trending, a place to share your Six-Word reaction, summation or opinion on breaking news and popular culture from Syria, gun control, the end of Breaking Bad—any topic that’s part of the conversations of our day.  We’ve also added a number of new features to enhance the Sixing experience.

• Your or anyone’s most recent Six automatically appears on the top of the “Just Posted” stream.
* A dedicated area for Backstories;
• An expanded Gallery of Sixes with photos and other images (still under construction so for now it takes you to our Flickr page);
• The ability to “follow” your favorite Sixers;
• New and  improved search (by keyword, memoirist, or within backstories);
• Email alerts when a fellow Sixer comments on or favorites one of your Six;
• A terrific new Six-Word Caption Contest.
• And—wait for it!—an iPhone app that we’ll be releasing in a few weeks.

When I launched SMITH Magazine in January 2006, I wanted to create a platform for true, personal storytelling by and for anyone and everyone. With Six Words that mission has come to light in ways that I could never have imagined. For that, and for this community—longtime Sixers and new fans of the form—I am so grateful.

I hope you like what you see, Six like crazy, and, as always, share your thoughts.

Larry Smith, founder Six Words
(“Big hair, big heart, big hurry”)

p.s.  You may have heard that the Six-Word Festival on Twitter is coming this Sept. 24-26. If you’re not on Twitter, this is a great reason to jump in. Follow us @sixwords and you won’t miss a thing. More on the Six-Word Festival page.

3 Comments » for Hey, What’s New With Six Words?
  1. Larry Smith says:

    Tina — Thanks for your six cents! “The Daily Six” is same thing as what was called “Six of the Day” and if you click on “Read more editor’s favorites” you’ll see the same “featured memoirs” as we had in the earlier version. And of course we’ll continue to tweak and nip and tuck all the time.

  2. Tina says:

    Hi Larry!
    I hope you don’t mind a little feedback on the new site…First of all, I LOVE the new design and layout. The new features are awesome, especially the Six-Word Caption Contest.
    My only complaint is that the “sixes of the day” are no longer prominent on the homepage. I thought this was a really cool feature on the old site. I think people enjoy and look forward to seeing their sixes highlighted. (I know I do!). Now the featured ones seem somewhat buried. Well, that’s my six cents.

  3. Mourningdove says:

    Thank you for all you do.

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