Six-Word Festival Schedule: Day 1—Jason Biggs, A.J. Jacobs, David Plotz, Todd English, Tim Ferriss

DAY 1, SEPT 24

Piper & Biggs

Jason Biggs & “real Piper,” author Piper Kerman

1pm EST
Prompt: “I Will Never Do That Again”
Tweet: #neveragain “I will never do that again”
Judges: Jason Biggs, and OITNB cast members, Danielle Brooks , Uzo Aduba, Lea Delaria, Matt McGorry, Alysia Reiner and others. Along with singer Regina Spektor, the “real Piper,” author Piper Kerman, and @OITNB official Twitter feed.

AJ Jacobs.

AJ Jacobs

2:30pm EST
Prompt: “Thou Shalt Tweet a New Commandment” (in #sixwords)
Tweet: #newcommandment Thou Shalt Tweet a New Commandment Tell us in #sixwords @sixwords
Judges:  A.J. Jacobs, David Plotz, Slate, and Unscrolled 

Todd English

Todd English

3:30pm EST
Prompt: The Secret Ingredients to Happiness Are…”
Tweet: #happysix “Secret Ingredients to happiness are…” Tell me & @sixwords in #sixwords
Judge: Todd English, with Tim Ferriss

4:30pm EST
Prompt:  “I only turn my phone off when…”
Tweet:  #nophone  “I only turn my phone off when…” Tell me & @sixwords in #sixwords

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