“Uh, is Ted Cruz Still Talking?” —Six Words on the Shutdown

Last night while I was just getting comfy on the couch and loading up episode three of season 1 of Breaking Bad (Not a typo—hard to keep up!), I received a Twitter alert on my phone from someone named @shoumo who took part in our recent Six-Word Festival on Twitter  asking: “@sixwords How about a #sixword commentary on the looming #shutdown?”  Good idea. So we got the ball rolling and the #shutdown Sixes came flying even faster then you—and @jillybean52371—can say:  I’d like a paid vacation too.”

All the while, NYC mayoral candidate Bill De Blasio  unwittingly got into the Six mix with his half-dozen well chosen words to his opponent Joe Lh0ta regarding his attempts to distance himself from the mess in Washington: “You can’t be a Republican bystander.”

Here are six of our favorites from Twitter (follow us @sixwords), and share you own Six for the shutdown on a prompt right here on Six-Word Memoirs.

And, finally, a nice pivot from the problem at hand:

And now back to Breaking Bad.

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  1. Mainemoran says:

    We voted for these guys? Why? #shutdown #sixwords

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