What’s Your Six-Word Stump Speech?

Immediately following the 2008 election, SMITH and the National Constitution Center asked you for the Six Words you hoped the hear from President Obama at his inauguration in an ongoing project we call “Six Words for America.” Now, as the presidential race heats up, we’re dipping back into the political arena as we invite you to share your Six-Word Stump Speech. In a half-dozen well-chosen words, what are your ideas for our country’s future? Can you inspire the nation in six words? Head over to the Center’s Address America website to enter your speech, read thousands more by fellow Americans, and learn how you can participate in the traveling stump tour.

Heading to Philly soon? Then check out the Six-Word Stump Speech exhibit that’s running at the National Constitution Center until after the election. And on October 29, we’ll host a SMITH Live story show at the Center, with a number of storytellers offering their own six words on the election and then opening them up into a six-minute backstory.

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  1. hieronimo says:

    Our greatest deficit is common sense.

  2. VincentAurelius says:

    Vote for me, Mr Least-worst Option!

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